My Work

My work currently focuses on the collection and analysis of large healthcare databases, including clinical, genomic, and operational data. I especially enjoy developing software and designing systems to accelerate this work.

I also specialize in visualizing and communicating insights from complex data, to both interdisciplinary groups of stakeholders and non-experts.

I am a proponent of open access and reproducibility in research.

My Background

I’m a data scientist, epidemiologist, and software engineer. I have more than a decade of experience building software, designing and implementing studies, and analyzing data for healthcare-related research.

I’m currently an Assistant Professor of Precision Health at Geisinger Research where I focus on risk prediction, communicating and visualizing complex information, and applications of clinical informatics and bioinformatics. I previously led the data science team at a data-drive healthcare software startup.

My PhD is from University of Maryland Baltimore’s epidemiology department. (Epidemiology is a generalist field related to public health research; my training included statistics, study design, survey methods, and causal inference.) My dissertation involved UX research and data presentation optimization for public health information.

Please see my CV for more on my background and experience.

Current Research

My current research includes:

Past Research

Some of my past work includes:

Open Source Software

Documentation & Teaching

Retired Projects